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Meet Our Team

We are very proud of our staff here at Reynolds Road Animal Hospital, and we would like to introduce them to you.  We don't expect you to know us by names, but thought you might like to meet us as much as we want to meet you!



Dr. Suzanne Savage

Since 1988

"Originally from Port Clinton, I attended The Ohio State University from 1980-1988, majoring in Zoology before Veterinary school. I joined RRAH immediately after graduation, and became a partner in 1995. My special interests include Internal medicine, Surgery and Dentistry. I have been very active with the local Toledo Veterinary Medical Association, serving on board and as president twice. My hobbies include sailing, swimming, home remodeling and OSU sports, especially football. And spending time with Dan my husband of 22 years, who is an art dealer, and is currently the director of the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society and Museum in Put-In-Bay Ohio.

We have two cats, Atticus and Thurber, who are Siamese mixes, and the most spoiled cats in Toledo.


Dr. Roger Grothaus

Since January 2002

Dr. Roger grew up in Toledo, attending St. John's High School.  He received his Bachelor of Science in zoology from Miami University in 1993 and his veterinary degree from Ross University in 1998.  He holds a special interest in internal medicine, geriatric diseases and orthopaedics.  Hobbies include soccer, exercise and Texas Hold Em.  He currently lives with his wife Bricia, 2 sons Nicholas and Matthew and 2 cats Baby and Henry.

Dr. Jennifer SevertRRAH_Staff_030.jpg

Since 2012

"I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband.  I have wanted to be a vet since I was 5 years old.  In my free time I enjoy dancing, cooking, and spending time with my family.  I also love to travel.  My special interests in veterinary medicine include surgery and internal medicine. 

I have a Golden retriever named Arla,  She is a Mama's girl.  I also have 3 cats, Deacon, Nutmeg, and Daxter who keep the dog in her place."

Office Manager



 Eva Dunn

 Since August 2004

"I grew up on a farm near Bluffton, Ohio. I went to school for biology, business and pre-veterinary medicine. I worked in a practice that saw both large and small animals before moving to Toledo in 2004. I enjoy gardening as a hobby, growing mostly perennials such as roses. 

Ironically, my husband is allergic to cats and dogs. Therefore, we are proud owners of a house named Toby, that i love dearly.

Practice Coordinator


Kendra Redway

Since March 2016

"I have spent 13 years in the veterinary field before I decided to try a new career. After three years of denying who I was, I finally found my way back home to RRAH. I'm proud and very happy to be back with my family here. I also love spending time at home with my husband and two children. I have a teenage son, and a young daughter who cracks me up. 

 I currently have two cats and a dog. Sky and Cookie love lounging in the sun. Boone is a young great dane mix. He keeps us busy running in the yard, he also loves to smother you with his hugs."



Bonita Bekier

Since May 2011

"In my spare time, I enjoy cheering on the Broncos and Michigan. I have two sons, Nicholas and Mack. I also have a new grandson Easton who I spend all my free time with.

I have a three year old cat Marley who has me wrapped around her little paw. Smokey and Chloe are my two cockatiels. They love to watch Spongebob."  


Meghan  Wernert

Since October 2017

Bio coming soon...

Veterinary Technicians 

Holly Kiefer, RVTHolly2.JPG

Since February 2001

 "Hi, my name is Holly Kiefer, I am a registered veterinary  technician, RVT.  I've attended The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, in Wooster Ohio.  Where I earned an associates degree in Horse Production and management.  Then proceeded to Columbus State Community College , in Columbus Ohio.  In which I earned an associates degree in Veterinary Technology in June of 1999.

I get to go home to my wonderful husband Chris and our two beautiful children Claire and Cole.   We have four cats Stinky, Nutsy, Gilly, and Brick, and a young golden retriever Hank.  We also own and show Quarter horses and calves.  In our spare time, we enjoy our country life with our horses, and 4-H calves, snowmobiling, tractor pulling, camping, four wheeling, antique tractors, watching each of our kids play their sports. 

Katie Overcashier, RVTRRAH_Staff_028.jpg

 Since May 2006

"I'm a 2006 graduate of Stauzenberger college.  I have an associates of applied science degree in Veterinary Technology.  I completed my internship here and was lucky enough to be offered a job shortly after.  In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors, watching movies, and spending time with my family and friends.

I currently have a dog named Coleslaw. He loves to snuggle and dance for treats."

Vickie Metzger, RVT.

Since May 2013

"I graduated from Stauzenberger in 2012 and started my job at RRAH shortly after. I enjoy reading in my spare time and spending time with my family. I enjoy helping with surgery.

I don't have any pets currently but love to help out with my parent's dog, Dazie."

Alex Andria, RVT.

Since December 2013

"Hi, I'm Alex. I've worked at RRAH since December 2013. I graduated from Stautzenberger College with my Applied Associates in Veterinary Technology and became registered in Ohio and Michigan shortly after. My biggest interests in veterinary medicine are surgery and anesthesia. In my free time I enjoy doing outdoor activities such as gardening, yoga, and going to concerts and festivals.

Kristin Turner

Since March 2016

"My name is Kristin. I recently gradulated school to become a Veterinary Technician. RRAH was my first job in this field and I'm loving it so far! I have had a love for animals my whole life. In my spare time, I enjoy camping and spending time outside. I also like watching sports. My favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. I have traveled to Australia and Hawaii and recommend traveling to both! 

I currently have a German Shepherd puppy named Ronan, and 4 cats. One being my crazy cat Charlie who I love dearly. The others include Isabell, StanLee, and Simba." 


Tasha Diehl

Since July 2017

"Hi! My name is Tasha, I am a 2017 Veterinary Technician graduate from Brown Mackie College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I reside in Napoleon, Ohio with my high school sweetie Josh and our ZOO! RRAH is my first job in the veterinary field and I love it so far, I started off as an Intern here through school and decided to stay! In my free time my hobbies include riding four wheelers, grooming dogs and napping.

I have 3 dogs; Remi, the black lab, Demo, the pit mix and Maris my chihuahua. I have 3 cats; Beans, Twitch and Stella. Finally to top it off I have 3 ferrets; Bandit, Miley and Ziggy. I love all my pets so much!" 

Veterinary Assistants


Marty Lee

Since June 2011

 "My life has been totally about working with animals which has allowed me to have great pet industry jobs. I started training dogs at the age of 8. This helped me manage a major dog kennel, that proved interest in sales of pet supplies. These jobs allowed me to travel the country. As life throws curveballs, I got married and had 2 amazing children. I have enjoyed coming off the sales road and now enjoy working at RRAH. I also returned to dog training. 

Boomer is a Golden Retriever. He is trained in tricks, tracking, triball, obedience and confirmation. He is my demo dog for training classes. He knows how to make you laugh. He is also helps my mother with jobs around the house. He and I love to try new things in dog sports. We also have 3 other goldens that share the farm."


Veronica Bialecki

Since September 2013

"When she is not being a Veterinary Assistant, Vern loves taking naps and putting her studio art degree to use by drawing cats. Her favorite vegetable is pizza, favorite book is Return of the King, and her favorite Dio song is Rainbow in the Dark. She is constantly defending her heavy weight high-five champion belt and her right to have dessert before dinner. 

Pocket is a 80 pound shepherd mix who is afraid of her own shadow, Merry is a bossy parakeet and Belmont is the mean cat we don't talk about. Fortunately, they all DO get along."


Leesa Rogers

Since October 2016

Bio coming soon. 


Sam Priddy

Since December 2016

Originally from Oak Harbor, OH, I moved my way to Toledo, with my boyfriend of 4 years, to attend Stautzenberger College for Veterinary Technology. RRAH is my first job in the field and I couldn't be any happier! In my spare time, I love spending time with my adorable little sister, watching movies, and cuddling with my furbabies.

I have four chihuahuas, Bandit James, Luckey Lou, Lucy Lou and Chrissy Sue. I also have two kitties, Gizmo, and Pooh."


Corri Miller

Since July 2017

Bio coming soon.


Olivia Miller

Since June 2018

"HI! I am Olivia. Animals are a huge passion of mine. Currently, I have two dogs. Hank, who is a blue tick hound, and Harley, a golden retriever. Along with them, I have three cats. I also volunteer at Nature's Nursery in my spare time. I am so happy to be working somewhere I can see and help animals everyday!" 

 Cassie Haley

Since June 2018

Bio coming soon...

Maintenance Technician


Mark Stephenson

Since April 1999

"I am a hard, dependable worker and I am easy going.  I like working with others.  I have been married for over 9 years to the most beautiful woman in the world, Kelly.  In my spare time, I enjoy working with wood, cutting grass, playing Wii games, and going to church. 

We have a black cat named Thor. He is currently a little over a year old and likes to keep us on our toes."

Feline Staff


Meredith Since 1999

"The first owner of RRAH, Dr. Tom Young, was going to give me to his niece.  However, when Dr. Young brought me to the hospital, he realized I brought such style and grace to the practice, I just had to stay. I can be seen grooming myself when I'm not greeting clients.  My job here is to keep everyone in line and to add beauty and class to the environment.  My hobbies include napping, posing, being petted, being adored, and looking at Joey with disdain.  One day I hope to take over the practice.

I have several human pets that I have trained to meet my every need."


Joey (Derp) Since 2012 

"Dr. Roger adopted me as a kitten from a client and I came to live at RRAH.  I am a very sweet and affectionate boy.  I have successfully kicked the habit of peeing outside my litter box. My job is to bring joy to all of my coworkers (except Meredith).  I remind the humans to play, cuddle, and laugh.  My hobbies include supervising dental and ultrasound procedures, stealing tape, and inventing toys from every day objects.  One day I hope to catch my tail.

I have a pet bird that chirps when I play with him.  Meredith says he's not a real bird, but I don't believe her." 

In Loving Memory

Kellie Manrow


Our RRAH family was torn apart with bad news early 2017. We lost one of our valued employees, Kellie. 
Everyone knew Kellie with a huge smile on her face and a big hug waiting for whoever needed it. She cared for patients as if they were her own and truly held our work family together. We are all completely heartbroken and will cherish her forever.